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Germs from poor-quality plastic bags

Plastic bags are produced handmade recycled materials does not guarantee the quality of small businesses are commonly used to store goods for customers.


Figure 1: Plastic bags origin unknown origin

Stroll through a market in Hanoi area such as Dong Xa, Buoi Market, Kim Lien, Dong Xuan ... there are many stalls specializing in the sale and distribution of plastic bags for small businesses in the market. At the wholesale stall this, all kinds of plastic bags are piled in the packaging pre-packaged. Want to go over to traders, the "recruiter" to hire people packed into individual categories for each own weight 1kg, 2kg, 3kg ...


Recently, Ms. Dao Thi Sinh (Binh Chanh district, Ho Chi Minh City) detection of plastic bags used by small businesses for sale were the color. After buying half a kilo of beef in Binh Chanh market and put in the fridge for about an hour later, the meat was a blue dye full of plastic bags. Ms. Ngoc Tran (Go Vap District, HCMC) also said, recently, she was a few times with the same situation. Ms. Pearl said that the fish, especially the wet goods, will inevitably be stained if the consumer is not getting out of plastic bags when buying home. After a few times to remove sticky food for the color, I try pitcher regards the detection of plastic bags bag fell out a lot of dough.


It is noteworthy that, when the stalls near the characteristic odor of plastic rises concentration anonymously. According to the reporter's observation, there were shipments to long old faded color is the unit holders packed instructed mixed well with the new type of "smuggling" go to out of stock. As a person to order, we have access to him Resources (Dong Xuan).


UK Treasury said: "The first day, I just small retail, import goods from passenger cars to, but saw sales of many kinds of bags, I completely switch to this type of trafficking, huh." About origin manufacturing facility, "nearly 2 years of wholesale goods, we have to import ever go where they go every 10 days, hit the car to the three seats allocated to 2, but the base address I also have made it. "


Unlike Tai, Dong Xa merely in markets is also specialized in selling plastic and plastic bags, said: "You be assured, each of you are loyal, bold color, no fade, as some kind sold outside seams Where summer, she did not take much selling out to ". At a price of 20,000 VND / 1kg with buyers in greater numbers, we seemed to call expensive and other goods, as it merely tells accordance with sarcasm: "If you want cheap then to take Ha Tay, Bac Ninh that purchase, but at this quiz to find rows under 2 copper (20,000 / 1kg) ".


Through words, can see that the source of the manufacturing base of this kind of plastic bags could be in suburban areas of Hanoi (Ha Tay) or Bac Ninh area, but the truth of the plastics and chemicals make up the plastic bag is still unknown and it is the seller did not know the bag.
According to the survey of Vietnam reporter Quality, price per kg plastic bags if the wholesale market is about 15-20 thousand / 1kg, while retail is 25-30 thousand / kg, even those near 40 thousand / 1 kg, depending on type.


Figure 2: Plastic bags of color into the food very toxic to users


Toxic but know every user convenience


For the seller, the product obscure even users not only interested in the origin but also "irresponsible" for the health of ourselves, knowing that toxic but still used.

Ms Tham, shoppers at the Green Market (Cau Giay - Hanoi) said: "Not only pocket, now what did not poison, something no chemicals, though not want to have to use it."


Bich Duyen longer (Mai Dich, Cau Giay District, Hanoi) share, I also hear a lot about plastic bags toxic, bad for health, but try to ask, if there is no plastic bag will do? "Was, morning commute each bag according to one lane going to the afternoon game market. If using paper bags are also there, but is there to get the food with water? "Ms. Duyen said.


Do not use plastic bags for a moment just for a moment, but many families are directly stored in the refrigerator with food plastic bags within several days. "I saw many families still packed fresh food, cooked food in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for months new money okay to eat ?, if the deceased died a long time ago," she said with an expression Coast impassively.


Not only families but the students also take quite radical kinds of plastic bags, especially the purchase of rice at affordable shops. According to a survey of reporters, many students when buying "rice dust", in addition to rice and food in the little safe foam box, then broth, fish sauce ... are you using plastic bags to containers. This is a very dangerous job, because these kinds of chemicals, artificial colors from hot plastic bags when encountered will rapidly decaying, even generate reactions to spices have salinity as fish sauce, flour soup. This is very dangerous for the health.

There should be specific sanctions


The fact the propaganda people limit use of plastic bags and warned of the harmful effects of plastic bags on health were more bodies, civil society organizations implemented. Local leader for this movement was Hanoi. Annually, Hanoi organizes many campaigns, movements by the MPC, Youth, Department of Natural Resources and Environment organizations such as the movement to say no to plastic bags, green Sunday ... However, the the result of this movement is not recorded how people use it still used.


Even in Vietnam, some supermarkets and stores were gradually brought all kinds of environmentally friendly bags to use. However, because the organization is not synchronized, only in the supermarket, the effect has yet to make clear, because large amounts of plastic bags used in small retail markets and in rural areas.


In the opinion of the environmental protection activities, we should learn from foreign experience in the deployment and management of people demanding the use of plastic bags. For example, the regulations restrict the use of plastic bags as these countries have been used. Or by taxing shoppers to use plastic bags, or charged for the distribution company products.


Simultaneously, the supermarkets charge extra for customers wishing to use such plastic bag ... can restrict people to use these bags. "If any roots are, without giving a specific sanction, but only based on propaganda and conscious people are saying no to plastic bags will be very difficult to implement", an environmental protection activities for reviews .


Source: Population Tri_Tac By Uyen Chi - Phuong Le

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